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  • Rhodes Moon Festival 2014

  • The inaugural Rhodes Moon Festival was held at Rhodes on Sep 6th 2014. Organised by the RMCA, we saw the Chinese, Korean, and Indian communities come together. Guests of the day included local and state council and MPs. See more of the day on o[...]
  • Calmsley City Farm

  • Calmsley City Farm, also known as Fairfield City Farm was a place we hadn't heard of before. It's a full on working farm on the edge of the city, just off the motorway! There were all the usual farm animals, as well as tractor rides, sheep shearin[...]
  • Walk in Aviary

  • We went to the Walk in Aviary in Canberra a little while ago. It had lots of birds as expected, what was not expected was how crazy they were about the apple pieces you could buy to feed them with. You really had to watch your fingers (and your ears![...]
  • Fireplace

  • Trying to capture some images of a fireplace, using different settings and effects. Initially I was wondering white balance I should be using for this source of light. The ambient didn't contribute much to the exposure, but it seemed that AWB gave a [...]